Infrastructure is what keeps everything and everyone moving and living everywhere in the world, because without these no one would be able to do anything. After all, it is this infrastructure that allows electricity and water to flow to homes and businesses and gives people ways to travel via car or another vehicle.

Our Infrastructure services include:
– Road & railway systems, tunnels, and bridges.
– Mass-transit systems, including buses, subways (UK: underground trains), elevated trains, etc.
– Energy-generating facilities including power stations, wind farms, hydro-electric plants, etc.
– The national power grid; electrical power lines and connections.
– Telephone cables and mobile phone towers.
– Reservoirs and dams.
– Pumping stations and levees.
– Ports, airports, waterways and canals.
– Hurricane barriers.
– Fire-fighting equipment and personnel.
– Health services, hospitals, clinics, and emergency response systems.
– Education, including schools, colleges, universities, and other adult education facilities.
– Police and prisons.
– Waste removal and sanitation facilities.


As the foundation for economic and social stability, public works projects need collaboration,
enhanced visualization, and lifecycle-optimized ROI.

CMX Solar Renewable energy (168MWp).

Location: Ninh Son Dist., Ninh Thuan pro., Vietnam.
Client: CMX Re Sunseap JSC.
Main Contractor: Sterling Wilson/NTP/TIPAC
Scope: Infrastructure, Civil, MEP.

Hong Phong 1 Solar power plan (325MWp).

Location: Bac Binh Dist., Binh Thuan pro., Vietnam.
Client: Vietracimex JSC.
Main Contractor: Power China/Telico/TIPAC
Scope: Driven pile, structure & PV panel.